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Mushroom Stroganoff , Parsley Rice & Exotic Chocolate Cups13
Mushroom stroganoff , parsley rice & exotic chocolate cups

Mushroom Stroganoff & Parsley Rice An old favourite from Nigella Lawson’s Feast. This is a fabulous stroganoff. Earthy,

Quorn and Mushrooms in a White Wine & Tarragon Sauce1
Quorn and mushrooms in a white wine & tarragon sauce

Here's a 1980's retro recipe which I've adapted by using meat-free fillets to make a lower fat, vegetarian version (and


Dessert week on the bake off had me making Mary Berry's tiramisu cake. This wasn't exactly something I was looking forwa

Shropshire Soul Cakes - Recipe2
Shropshire soul cakes - recipe

A while ago my sister had a Shropshire Recipe Book as a gift, it brings together traditional recipes for the area.

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Chocolate Fridge Cake27
Chocolate fridge cake

After having a Facebook discussion about fridge cake this morning I had the urge to make some. I raided the kitchen cupb

Perfect Honeycomb/Cinder Toffee10
Perfect honeycomb/cinder toffee

©Miss Kahonie and I decided that we wanted to have a go at making some honeycomb (also known as cinder toffee and hokey

Brownies with Rapeseed Oil Mayonnaise1
Brownies with rapeseed oil mayonnaise

Brownies with Rapeseed Oil MayonnaiseMay 16, 2014 By Food & Travel Blogger Leave a Comment A while back I tried some ver

'Porchetta style' Pork Pies1
'porchetta style' pork pies

'Porchetta style' pork pie and spiced apple chutney "...It wasn't surprising therefore, that when casting around for

Bagna cauda1
Bagna cauda

Put the olive oil in a pan with the garlic and anchovies and stir over a low heat for a few minutes. Whisk in 90g of the

Energising Granola Bars1
Energising granola bars

Create your own healthy snack with this easy to make recipe which I tried out this weekend… Energising and Healthy Gran

Italian Garlic & Anchovy Dip [Bagna Cauda]1
Italian garlic & anchovy dip [bagna cauda]

heat. 2 Add garlic & anchovies, & continue to cook over a low heat for 10-15 minutes stirring occasionally. Season to

14 September: 'The Grape Harvest and Palio at Asti'1
14 september: 'the grape harvest and palio at asti'

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Custard Slices: GBBO Comic Relief Challenge Three12
Custard slices: gbbo comic relief challenge three

So far in my self-inflicted challenge to re-create the Technical Bakes from the Comic Relief GBBO episodes, I have attem

Lamb shanks braised in red wine - recipe10
Lamb shanks braised in red wine - recipe

This week the hint of Spring we had recently has disappeared without a trace and a cold akin to Siberia has hit. Shame r

Pork Stroganoff4
Pork stroganoff

My sister in law bought be a lovely tin of amazing smoked paprika - and I love using it in my cooking! This stroganoff i

Pork Chop Bake1
Pork chop bake

I'm so looking forward to Jo Wheatley's third book (I live in hope) as I have her two baking books, A Passion For Baking

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