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Digestive Biscuits1

Recently my parents went to stay in a beautiful hotel (Le Manoir de Raynaudes) in the tarn region of South-West FranceTh

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Ham hock terrine1

This article first appeared in the Wells Journal on Thursday 23 January 2014. One day I would like to own my own pig; o

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Cupcakes - Cherry Coke & Bounty1

I was recently tasked with the job of creating cupcakes for a friends birthday party (I say tasked, it was me who sugges

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Chocolate Cupcakes (eggless)6

This is a really easy recipe for delicious, moist and fluffy cupcakes. It uses neither butter or eggs and is quick to ma

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Sticky Glazed Pork Chops8

The Toddster does love himself a pork chop once in a while. I like them too, but whereas I would have a very difficul

Taste test : veal meatballs -v- lamb meatballs1

Veal meatballs right, Lamb meatballs left In the package of veal that Farmers Choice sent to me, was a small packet o

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5:2 Diet Fast Day Recipe: Spicy Fish Creole with Coconut Lime Rice for Fish on Friday16

5:2 Diet Fast Day Recipe: Spicy Fish Creole with Coconut Lime Rice for Fish on Friday 5:2 Diet Fast Day Recipe: Spicy Fi

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Veal Lasagne1

Veal Lasagne with hidden vegetables Over the years veal hasn't received a very good press with it being classed as

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Meatloaf Baked Cake with Veal, Mediterranean Scents & Cherry Tomatoes1

Tis the recipe for meatloaf that my mom was used to prepare, and that accompanied my childhood. And ‘ succulent and aro

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Moroccan veal pasta bake1

This is my 400th blog post, a fortunate coincidence as this is probably one of the nicest dinners I’ve made lately, so i

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Veal and bacon burger.1

now the clocks have gone forward and it’s officially BST, probably one of the last winter comfort stew we will have for

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I am a firm believer that if you score one goal the other team have to score two to win (Howard Wilkinson)4

I would like to share with you my first experience of making a football shirt cake. It took me about 100 hours (or even

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Zebra Cake48

Update: Since this recipe, I have been experimenting to create a much lighter zebra cake and equally delicious.  And I t

Peanut Butter Traybake Bars (Vegan)7

These chocolate-coated peanut butter bars are really quick and easy to make. My kids reckon they taste like Snickers bar

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Stuffed Marrow5

Home › Food › Recipes › Family Meals › Stuffed Marrow Stuffed Marrow Posted on 24 March, 2014 by Caroline — No Comme

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Mushroom Bruschetta (Pizza Express Style)22

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