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Keema Curry4
Keema curry

Today I was really short of food, the fridge is looking really bare. I need to do a shop. I do my thing where I open the

braised brisket in guinness with loads of mushrooms2
Braised brisket in guinness with loads of mushrooms

Braised brisket in Guinness with loads of mushrooms served with champDid you know that the famous Irish stout, Guinness,

Spanish style Pork one-pot & a poncey ingredient alert1
Spanish style pork one-pot & a poncey ingredient alert

Last night was ‘meat night’. I was never intending to get to this point when I picked up Veg Everyday and the various ot

Smoked Salmon, Prawn & Crab Terrine - A Perfect Christmas Starter11
Smoked salmon, prawn & crab terrine - a perfect christmas starter

I decided to have the family over last Sunday for dinner. What I had forgotten about was that I had already comitted to

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Delia's Classic Christmas Cake62
Delia's classic christmas cake

  I just couldn't be without Delia Smiths Complete Cookery Course book. When I got married first, I could just about boi

Homemade Croutons / Domače kruhove kocke1
Homemade croutons / domače kruhove kocke

This was baked and photographed in the Summer. Instead of using these croutons for soups and salads, I ate them without

American Pancakes10
American pancakes

The idea for this torte sprung from the need to create a pudding for my boyfriend's birthday dinner. Two of his favourit

Fairy Cakes1
Fairy cakes

Fairy cakes ©I've just found out that we're having a cake sale at work tomorrow, to raise money for Children in Need. I'

Stollen with Marzipan {gluten, sugar, yeast & lactose free}1
Stollen with marzipan {gluten, sugar, yeast & lactose free}

New post at Great Body & Skin: Stollen is a traditional German bread-like cake that is usually eaten during Christmas o

Red & Green tomato chutneys - recipe - book review1
Red & green tomato chutneys - recipe - book review

Question: What do you do when you are walking around your local market one glorious Saturday in November late in the aft

Chicken Stuffed with Boursin and Wrapped in Parma Ham2
Chicken stuffed with boursin and wrapped in parma ham

2. Stuff the pocket with the Boursin Cheese 3. Lay out two slices of the ham (slightly overlapping)and place the chicke


Last week I made Rotis, after a visit to Shepherd’s Bush Market but I felt I should strive to find an even more authenti

Rudolph The Red Nosed Potato! Mini Potato Dauphinoise Muffins for Christmas Day (Recipe)3
Rudolph the red nosed potato! mini potato dauphinoise muffins for christmas day (recipe)

Rudolph The Red Nosed Potato! Mini Potato Dauphinoise Muffins for Christmas Day (Recipe) Rudolph The Red Nosed Potato! M

Toad in the hole (gluten free/cows milk free)1
Toad in the hole (gluten free/cows milk free)

Toad in the hole (gluten free/cows milk free) Posted on 23rd June 2014 by Karen Reekie — No Comments ↓ Toad in the

Gluten free Yorkshire puddings2
Gluten free yorkshire puddings

It has taken years to perfect, but these are my gluten free Yorkshire puddings that are perfect with any Sunday roast, o

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