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Toad in the hole (gluten free/cows milk free)1
Toad in the hole (gluten free/cows milk free)

Toad in the hole (gluten free/cows milk free) Posted on 23rd June 2014 by Karen Reekie — No Comments ↓ Toad in the

Gluten free Yorkshire puddings2
Gluten free yorkshire puddings

It has taken years to perfect, but these are my gluten free Yorkshire puddings that are perfect with any Sunday roast, o

Gluten and dairy free Yorkshire Puddings2
Gluten and dairy free yorkshire puddings

Being gluten and dairy free can't keep a Yorkshire woman away from her Yorkshire puds. Although I like to have a health

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Gino D'Acampo Roast pork belly with mashed potatoes4
Gino d'acampo roast pork belly with mashed potatoes

Gino D'Acampo Roast pork belly with mashed potatoes Gino D'Acampo Roast pork belly with mashed potatoes from Lets Do Lun

Yorkshire puddings – cows milk free, gluten free and amazing!2
Yorkshire puddings – cows milk free, gluten free and amazing!

I have been using a recipe I have tweaked, to make dairy (cows milk) free Yorkshire puddings, for a while. Because LSH c

Raspberry Bakewell Magic Bean Cake (or Cherry Bakewell) - includes Thermomix method1
Raspberry bakewell magic bean cake (or cherry bakewell) - includes thermomix method

Easy to make, moist and delicious, NO taste of beans (no, really!), and incredibly versatile. And if you just can't dec

Julie’s Chilli Jam3
Julie’s chilli jam

  Chilli Jam - Looks Good And Tastes Wonderful Chilli Jam – Excellent Food Gift I love it when I find out that making so

Spanish pork and chorizo stew.5
Spanish pork and chorizo stew.

As previously stated in my blog posts, I am a big fan of Spanish food and I love to attempt to recreate Spanish classics

Rolled Fillets of Plaice,Vermouth Mornay Sauce, Souffle Croutons1
Rolled fillets of plaice,vermouth mornay sauce, souffle croutons

In my last post I wrote about the futility of making puff pastry from scratch and how, when we were training at Leiths,

Chicken Liver Pate13
Chicken liver pate

TweetLoads and loads of Lovely Little Livers for the Liver Lovers(and by Liver Lovers we mean our friend Alan)My mum use

Cheeseless chocolate truffle cheesecake11
Cheeseless chocolate truffle cheesecake

This is for the chocoholics among chocoholics! Rich, creamy and indulgent. An intensely chocolaty velvety filling over a

* Chicken Cacciatore41
* chicken cacciatore

I know. Long time no see. Don't pretend you've missed me. If you're British you've been at the beach soaking up the ray

Nutty apple crumble2
Nutty apple crumble

I’ve woken up to a true autumnal morning. After the dry, sunny, warm days of September, this morning has been cool, damp

Chocolate Honeycomb Crunchie Traybake9
Chocolate honeycomb crunchie traybake

Readers, since I started taking this blogging malarkey a bit more seriously and looking at my stats, I’ve realised that

Mint Aero Traybake26
Mint aero traybake

So after the success of the recent White and Milk Chocolate Malteser traybake (and inspiring some non baking friends to

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