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Chocolate Honeycomb Crunchie Traybake8
Chocolate honeycomb crunchie traybake

Readers, since I started taking this blogging malarkey a bit more seriously and looking at my stats, I’ve realised that


Just like Finland, overwhelming majority of the Spanish are Christian. But here the  (Catholic) religiousness is visible

Lorraine Pascale's Oven Baked Scotch Eggs49
Lorraine pascale's oven baked scotch eggs

This was hard to resist when Lorraine Pascale made these recently on her cookery show. I've never tasted scotch eggs bef

Raised pork pie2
Raised pork pie

For the jelly, put all of the jelly ingredients into a large pan, cover with water and bring to the boil. Cover and simm

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Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff with Pilaff Rice93
Slow cooked beef stroganoff with pilaff rice

Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff with Pilaff Rice Now that we are into March the weather here is quite changeable, not that

Caramelised Onion & Chilli Chutney Recipe1
Caramelised onion & chilli chutney recipe

As Christmas time is approaching I have been looking for something personal to give to friends and family. I have been m

Turkish Delight Cupcakes3
Turkish delight cupcakes

Turkish Delight Cupcakes, with Turkish Diamond Toppers This recipe has been at the back of my mind for a little while.

The Pickling Season1
The pickling season

The Pickling Season Of course, as summer progresses so do the pickling opportunities on our allotments. I find, on my a

Easy Peasy Pea, Spinach and Mint Soup1
Easy peasy pea, spinach and mint soup

This January I am try to cut down on the more calorie heavy foods and decided to share with you some of my favourite win

A handmade Christmas1
A handmade christmas

Apologies I haven't blogged for a short while, with the kids at home and James it hasn't been practical and I have barel

Mo's Easy Homemade Eggnog for #ChristmasWeek #Giveaway7
Mo's easy homemade eggnog for #christmasweek #giveaway

It only takes four ingredients to make quick, easy, creamy, delicious homemade eggnog!  But bourbon is a highly recommen

Plum, Disaronno and Pecan crumble1
Plum, disaronno and pecan crumble

Its hard sometimes to think of a simple but unusual dessert when you are having friends round to eat.  I tend to fall ba

Cinnamony Apple Crumbley Yummyness1
Cinnamony apple crumbley yummyness

This apple crumble slice lasted only a couple of hours before being wiped off the planet by a hoard of hungry cake eatin

Nelson Slices8
Nelson slices

I regularly have a good old dig through the tea towel box at our local charity shop. There's rarely anything of interest

Vanilla Confetti Cake with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream1
Vanilla confetti cake with whipped vanilla buttercream

Funfetti Layer CakeFrosted Vanilla CakeFunfetti Cake Batter Ice Cream CakeFunfetti Cake Printable RecipeVanilla Confett

Date And Walnut Cake6
Date and walnut cake

Old Photographs And Documents I went to my parents house recently to help them ‘declutter’ and to sort through some old

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