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Ginger and spice biscuits - biscotti allo zenzero e spezie

                  English / Italiano (recipe from the book: "The Twelve Days of Christmas", with the kind..

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Christmas cake

300g S.R.Flour, 1 tsp Mixed Spice, 1 tsp Cinnamon, 100g Ground Almonds, 200g Butter - unsalted


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Recipes for bero

Chocolate cake

    Easy To Bake Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake – Traditional Recipe Chocolate cake was one of ..

#cookfromthebooks week 6 (weather week & tv gone)

  ..k 6 #cookfromthebooks  challenge, for family friendly recipes, ( our guests not quite so adventurous as us in fo..

Thrifty thursday – leftover pies and alternative pie toppings….

  ..s because it’s delicious and very, very easy. My trusty Bero book tells me to mix together 225g self raising flou..

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Recipes for christmas

Christmas trifle with panettone, easy and delicious

  What you need for a medium bowl: 1 panettone 500 grams of berries (frozen or fresh) 275 grams of caster sugar 6 tablespoons Marsala 250 ml of mascarpone cheese 500 of custard cream 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract 500 ml of fresh cream - See more at:

Christmas flapjacks

  .. I was watching Nigel Slater on telly, he was doing a Christmas special and in it he did flapjacks which inspired..

Mini christmas cakes shopping, this might look like a lot of work for a Christmas present, but believe me this is a gallant effort ..

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Recipes for cake

Carrot cake

   My favourite cake in the world is carrot cake! I think it's because it's different and the cream cheese i..

Smartie cakes (cooked in the halogen oven)

  These pretty little cupcakes were cooked this morning in my Sarah-Jane's Halogen Oven using silicone cup cake..

Fairy cakes a baking essential

  Fairy Cakes a simple but essential recipe for every baker. This humble plain cake can be tra..

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Recipes for recipe

Recipe 22 - coffee & walnut sponge cake

  ..alnuts, so wasn't sure whether or not I would like this cake! Right, first things first, oven on.  Two 18cm (7")..

Recipe 134 - austrian apricot & almond tart

  ..u lurgy that's been doing its rounds since just after Christmas, so haven't felt like going into the kitchen baki..

Recipe 40 - pineapple & cherry loaf

  .. @Weekly Bake Off - the concept of this is to bake one recipe from Mary Berry's 100 Cakes and Bakes each w..

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