Chocolate recipes

Mum's chocolate marble birthday cake Split the mixture into two bowls and fold in the chocolate powder into one of the mixtures.  Put half of th..

Chocolate tiffin

For my second chocolate recipe, I chose to make tiffins. I love chocolate on its own, it’s such a good fee..

Chocolate sponge cake - with real appeal

..ference between a near-fatless sponge (the Never-Fail Chocolate Cake) and a traditional sponge.  Here is one of t..

Chocolate eclairs : gbbo technical challenge

..o: Bakewell Tart - Mary Berry's Recipe Episode Three: Chocolate Éclairs - Paul Hollywood's Recipe Episode Four: L..

Galaxy chocolate, world baking day and the famous drinking chocolate cake recipe

Galaxy Chocolate, World Baking Day and The Famous Drinking Chocolate Cake Recipe Galaxy Chocolate, ..

Chocolate banana bread by gino d'acampo of lets do lunch

Chocolate banana bread by Gino D'Acampo of Lets Do Lunch Chocolate banana bread by Gino D'Acampo of Lets D..

Chocolate log

..all, a great evening. Shockingly, the sponge for the chocolate log is made from nothing but egg, sugar and cocoa..

Chocolate fridge cake

..s together and came up with this little beauty. Chocolate Fridge Cake 250g Chocolate (I used a mixt..

Chocolate fondants: gbbo week #6

..r. Several bakers went for sticky toffee puddings and chocolate fondants. Danny's pudding is pictured above (with..

Double chocolate muffins

..ginal plan was to eat it with a generous drizzling of chocolate ganache but we thought C might have suddenly deve..

Chocolate crunchie tiffin recipe

Chocolate Crunchie Tiffin Recipe By Rachel Howard on 10/13/2013 A 'no bake' chocolate treat that is real..

Simple chocolate cake recipe

..e range eggs at room temperature, and a great quality chocolate are the secrets to success with this simple ch..

Chocolate bounty cake

..ars that have the scrummy coconut filling, and a milk chocolate coating.  I'm not pregnant, (Heaven forbid!!), so..

Perfect chocolate fudge cake

..ed this post 'perfect' because its one of a number of chocolate cakes I have tried that everyone seems to love, e..

Chocolate truffle balls

..ays.  Instead of dessert I thought I would make these chocolate truffle balls to have with our coffee after the m..

Chocolate fudge cake

I've been craving chocolate fudge cake since I had a piece in Pizza Express a few weeks ago. I know it's a bit we..

Chocolate fondant

..redicament – crème brûlée   This time, I’m going with chocolate fondants. These are bleedin’ excellent.  They’re..

Chocolate & banana loaf cake

.. at home in Devon now) and said it was "lovely". The chocolate log that I made for the house Christmas meal in m..

Chocolate orange cupcakes

The chocolate orange cupcakes that I made quite some time ago are by far THE most popular cupcakes on my blog. ..

Chocolate & amaretto torte

..birthday dinner. Two of his favourite ingredients are chocolate and amaretto, and he loves chilled desserts. Ther..

Chocolate christmas trifle

..ut upon further inspection they were rock solid. So a chocolate swiss roll was purchased and the chocolate..

Chocolate ice cream bombe - dessert

Chocolate lovers will just love this dessert - rich chocolate ice cream encased in slices of chocolate..


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