Comic relief bakewell tart recipes

Mary berry's bakewell tart - great comic relief bake off challenge no. 2 work through the technical challenges from the Great Comic Relief Bake Off, and shared the results of m..

Mary berry's lemon meringue pie : the final comic relief challenge

This post is the last in my four Great Comic Relief Bake Off challenges. So far I have posted Chocolate Ec..

Custard slices: gbbo comic relief challenge three

..ted challenge to re-create the Technical Bakes from the Comic Relief GBBO episodes, I have attempted Choco..

Chocolate eclairs : gbbo technical challenge

Last week after watching the Great Comic Relief Bake Off, I set myself the challenge of attempting the fou..

Happy new year!

.. year! wow it's 2014 - how did that happen? to mark the start of a new year on the blog, i thought i'd do a month..


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