Cupcake recipes

Coffee cupcakes

.. few years have brought a huge trend for macarons and cupcakes (at least in Britain) which I pretty much didn't s..

Oreo cupcakes!

..need to make about 16-20 outstandingly delicious Oreo cupcakes! For the Sponge 280g Golden Caster Sugar 80g Un..

Banoffee cupcakes

.. divine. I needed more banoffee in my life! I thought cupcakes would be a perfect sized portion of gooey banoffee..

Baileys cupcake recipe

Baileys Cupcake Recipe By Rachel Howard on 08/25/2013 Easy to make Baileys Cupcakes - beautifully rich! ..

Cupcakes from the primrose bakery

.. book came out last year, and a lovely one it is too. Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery by Martha Swift and Lisa ..

Marbled cupcakes

Thursday, 27 June 2013 Marbled Cupcakes   I went back to North Yorkshire last weekend to se..

Chocolate cupcakes (eggless) with gingerbread frosting - recipe

These cupcakes have a deep, dark, delicious flavour and a real wintery / Christmas feel. They are very simple ..

Snickers cupcakes

.. largely in part to my recent liking of nuts. Making cupcakes for work I knew I wanted a chocolate-y one, its ju..

Chocolate cupcakes with avocado frosting (vegan)

..week I tricked them. I made these fantastic chocolate cupcakes and I didn't tell them what the secret ingredient ..

Butternut-caramel cupcakes January. I do apologise for depriving you of these cupcakes for longer than necessary, but I've had a lot of t..

Wicked cupcakes (+ ticket winners)

..o see the original Elphaba – I decided to make Wicked cupcakes, which all ties in nicely with this month’s Hallow..

Christmas cupcakes

..uffet on my team. My contribution was these Christmas cupcakes. The Snowman Cupcake you see above, and an ..

Jaffa cupcakes

..h currently are few and far between. Anyway, jaffa cupcakes.  This was a bake for the Dundee group and one tha..

Mochaccino cupcakes

Mochaccino Cupcakes - Just look at that beauty! I’ll start off by saying, if there is one thing you need to make ..

Toffee cupcakes with dulce de leche buttercream

..idea came about from looking at a recipe for banoffee cupcakes.  I do not like banoffee, because I don't like ban..

Banoffee cupcakes with flora buttery

I love turning puddings into cupcakes, they always seems to go down really well, just like my Blackforest Cupc..

Chocolate cupcakes (eggless)

.. a really easy recipe for delicious, moist and fluffy cupcakes. It uses neither butter or eggs and is quick to ma..

Malteser cupcakes

So I made these for the boyfriend to have on his birthday, since both cakes were not for the actual day.  The idea came ..

Bounty cupcakes

Bounty Cupcakes! It (once again) comes from Hummingbird Bakery - Home Sweet Home and is ridiculously indulgent. I..

Savoury cupcake recipes from cathedral city cheddar

..ational week for everything now? This week is National Cupcake Week and next week is British Cheese Week so Celeb..

Mocha cupcakes: for when a cup of coffee just isn't enough.

.. decide to give an extra boost by having one of these cupcakes. Like I need an excuse. I took a batch of these ca..

Cupcakes with nutella / cupcakes z nutello

..t's go to today's recipe :). I always wanted to try a  cupcake, they look so stunning! They made me feel so full ..


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