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* lamb stew with rosemary dumplings

..ngs recipe for Neil. He spotted something similar on "Lorraine" one morning, when he didn't have to leave for wor..

Chicken and leek pie by dean edwards on lorraine itv

500g Boned and cubed chicken thighs, 100g 100g smoked pancetta, 2 leeks shredded, 1 clove garlic, crushed, 1 tbs fresh thyme chopped


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Recipes for dean

Dean street townhouse - it's all about the detail

  ..utique hotel. Recently I visited London and booked the Dean Street Townhouse. This 39 bedded boutique hotel in t..

Spinach and prawn stuffed potatoes + dean martin

  .. easy and healthy for the weekend. Have a good one! The great Dean Martin is in charge of the …Continue reading »

Fantasy veggie dinners - james dean

  James Dean was born in 1931 and raised on a farm in Indiana. He is a movie legend with a reputation based on a me..

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Edward lear: 12 may 1812 - 29 january 1888

  Hot news! 'Feasts and Festivals' is now obtainable as a podcast so you can listen to it here - and if you wish to you ca..

Peanut butter coconut flour pancakes (edward & sons review)

  Names.  What is in a name?  They're funny little things. Take my name for instance: Kayle. It's a weird name. For one ..

Coconut ice cream-easy, 4 ingredients (edward & sons organic coconut products review and giveaway)

  I had a vision in my head of these photos. I knew I wanted a light blue bowl to pair with the creamy white coconut ice c..

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Lorraine pascale's last minute mince pies

  ..nce pies then this a post you might enjoy. I watched  Lorraine Pascale make these rather special star mince pies ..

Lorraine pascale's chocolate cheesecake

      I saw this recipe on BBC 2 Monday evening last, Lorraine Pascale, Home Cooking Made Easy. It is a no cook r..

Lorraine pascale's oven baked scotch eggs

  This was hard to resist when Lorraine Pascale made these recently on her cookery show. I've never tasted scotch e..

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