Delia madeira cake recipes

Meal plan: diet food and comfort food – farmhouse chicken & vegetable stew with dumplings recipe

..eek, I hope! There are several special days this week, Pancake Day on Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday) and then Valentine..


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Recipes for delia

Delia's classic christmas cake

    I just couldn't be without Delia Smiths Complete Cookery Course book. When I got married first, I could just ab..

Delia's creamy chicken curry

  ..o finish and for it to be edible! I am very grateful to Delia and her Complete Cookery Course, it gave me the con..

Delia smiths paella

  The sun shone the other day, yes really for one day only, and it was warm enough to eat in the garden. Finding chicken t..

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Recipes for madeira

Lemon madeira cake (10 inch square)

  This is the middle tier of the three tiered wedding cake I’m making – to go with the enormous 13 inch chocolate f..

Foolproof madeira cake

  ..ot much time for baking at the moment but my foolproof madeira cake recipe is so quick and easy to make an..

The madeira cake story part 2 else do this?) And so, at the moment, it's all about cake. This cake. Part two of the Madeira [b..

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Recipes for cake

Carrot cake

   My favourite cake in the world is carrot cake! I think it's because it's different and the cream cheese i..

Fairy cakes a baking essential

  Fairy Cakes a simple but essential recipe for every baker. This humble plain cake can be transforme..

Smartie cakes (cooked in the halogen oven)

  These pretty little cupcakes were cooked this morning in my Sarah-Jane's Halogen Oven using silicone cup cake..

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