Delia smith fudge recipes

Shortbread squares with chocolate fudge and marshmallow topping

..this way was baked eggs in wild mushroom tartlets, from Delia Smith's Winter Collection. Aside from the fa..

Homemade chocolate truffles - random recipe

.. I'm in it you know!) I came upon...number 5 which was 'Delia Smith's Christmas'. Ahhh result indeed! ..

Baking again - betty crocker chocolate fudge brownies

..I finally decided to give it a whirl. Hey, I've got the Delia Smith Christmas Cake package, so I need to w..

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Alphabakes roundup - november 2012 - j

..s sent us this absolutely wicked chocolate orange jaffa fudge. Whenever I’ve tried to make fudge it hasn’t..


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