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Veal escalope with marsala, saute potatoes and green salad

.. I haven't cooked for a while, something inspired by a recipe, or an old favourite. But this day - nothing. Utter..

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Roast gressingham duck crowns with wilted watercress, butternut squash mousse and bigarade sauce

350g/13oz (peeled weight) butternut squash, cut into small cubes, rapeseed oil, 4 gelatine leaves, 75ml/3fl oz chicken stock, 50ml/2fl oz double cream


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Recipes for duck

Roasted duck crown and potatoes

  .. to have something different. I am a huge fan of Hoisin duck, that was my first encounter with duck, a mer..

Duck in plum sauce and broccoli with noodles

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Duck breast with port and blackberry sauce - sometimes i try to be cheffy!

  ..ild-free this time, bliss!), I saw that the Gressingham Duck Crowns were on special at £6.50.  I thought t..

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Recipes for crown

Roasted crown prince squash & carrot soup

  .. and this week we got a large squash as part of this. A Crown Prince variety on doing a bit of research. Not one ..

Blueberry crown cheesecake

  Ingredients: About 30 pcs of ladyfingers or savoiardi biscuits 2 cups of cream cheese (500 gm) 1 cup sugar (200 gm) 3 eg..

Crown muffins - the secret to making big cafe style muffins !

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Recipe 22 - coffee & walnut sponge cake

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Recipe 40 - pineapple & cherry loaf

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Recipes for vinegar

Vinegar cake

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Bilberry vinegar

  So first off an admission, when I say I’ve made a vinegar, what I actually mean is I took some white wine vine..

Raspberry vinegar

  ..avagant ways to use raspberries is to make a raspberry vinegar. This way I can enjoy that fragrant summer flavor..

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