Halogen oven cake recipes

Smartie cakes (cooked in the halogen oven)

These pretty little cupcakes were cooked this morning in my Sarah-Jane's Halogen Oven using silicon..

Cooking with table top halogen ovens / cookers

..email requests over the last week or two for some more halogen oven meal ideas. I must admit, I've got ra..

Luscious lemon tart - halogen oven / cooker recipe

...omlet.co.uk/ I've adjusted cooking times to suit the halogen oven and used the low rack Pastry base - e..

Lemon and orange drizzle cake

Here’s a delicious halogen oven recipe from Norma Miller. Her book, containing more than 150 delicious [b..

Salmon and halogen ovens

I think the Halogen Oven may have been given something of a reprieve. I mean, look at it, it's all gleami..

Lemon yoghurt cake

I am so excited about this cake. So excited! Not just because it contains lemon and yoghurt, which I love, but I ..

Cardamom, rosewater and coffee spring celebration layer cake

.. There’s no time like now to bake a spring celebratory cake; this, my Cardamom, Rosewater and Coffee Spring Cele..

Apple crumble cheesecake bars

..e hoovering, that will warm you up”. I have broken the halogen heater out of storage though, if I take my glasses..

Double chocolate muffins

..s come and gone, and so has the vanilla bean chilled cheesecake I made him, complete with a topping of home-made ..

Lemon thyme loaf

.. gift, two of my former team members gave me this book; Cake Days Recipes to Make Every Day Special by The Hummin..

Banana & chocolate tear & share bread - for eve !

..rsatile.. I use this one for loads of things.... bread, cakes, a cooking container on top of the baking tray in t..

Butternut squash, chestnut & gruyere jalousie

..ve oil and quickly roasted them on the top grill of my halogen oven at about 220deg until starting to brow..

Piri piri lemon chicken & halloumi kebabs with homemade flatbread

..ainley made my own chilli sauce from either Cherry on a Cake's blog or The Little Teochew's Blog. Both are so muc..

Christmas cookies with rum soaked fruit

.. fruit.  I had wanted to try my hand at baking a fruit cake. So I bought all the fruit and even a bottle of prem..

Christmas hamper goodies: rose water & cardamom cookies

..ers were always filled to the brim with crackers, fruit cake, chocolates, sparkling fruit juice and candy. Place..

Potato and parsnip gratin

  I recently received a lovely Halogen Oven from Argos.  This was something which Todd and I had been thi..

Chilli chocolate dipped coffee biscuits

..ne baking contest bug. First, it was the Lemon Yoghurt Cake on the Weekly Bake-Off, and then it was ITV Lorraine..

Walnut, fudge and fleur de sel cookies

.. We are off to meet more lovely bloggers today, and eat cake at the Clandestine Cake Club before the house..

Orange & cardamom syrup soaked brioche buns - post for lisa

..n see here that the dough is very loose - almost like a cake batter. Needed a bit more mixing after this, but it ..

Thyme butter roast chicken

..Rose Water & Cardamom Cookies ·         A variety of cupcakes These got replaced with my mum's brownies ·      ..

Lemon poppy seed madeleines

..dy smell the liquid sunshine it promises. Put that in a cake batter and let the sweet and citrus scents waft thro..

Macadamia, coconut & chocolate chip cookies

..ught running a professional kitchen would be a piece of cake, last night I got a glimpse of how truly challenging..

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