Halogen oven christmas cake recipes

Christmas cookies with rum soaked fruit

.. fruit.  I had wanted to try my hand at baking a fruit cake. So I bought all the fruit and even a bottle of prem..

Christmas hamper goodies: rose water & cardamom cookies

I love Christmas. I love all the excitement building up to it; the lights, the carols, the general feeling that ..

Double chocolate muffins

..’s good to be back on the blogging front. I feel like Christmas has come early with all the eating we’ve been doi..

Chilli chocolate dipped coffee biscuits

..ne baking contest bug. First, it was the Lemon Yoghurt Cake on the Weekly Bake-Off, and then it was ITV Lorraine..

Thyme butter roast chicken

Hi again! Christmas cheer is in full swing and everywhere we go, there’s carols playing and Christmas déco..

Orange & cardamom syrup soaked brioche buns - post for lisa

..n see here that the dough is very loose - almost like a cake batter. Needed a bit more mixing after this, but it ..

Customers creations ....

These little celtic cross cakes were made using this mould by Inese. Pretty - aren't they ? Inese also made thes..


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