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Baking with suzy: love heart jam biscuit baking kit

..ust know who Suzy Pelta is. She was the winner of the Lorraine's Cake Club Competition on ITV  last..

Cardamom, rosewater and coffee spring celebration layer cake

..nd a few dear friends have been asking me to enter it to ITV’s Lorraine’s Cake Club Competition. I..

Chilli chocolate dipped coffee biscuits

..mon Yoghurt Cake on the Weekly Bake-Off, and then it was ITV Lorraine’s Cake Club Competition where..

A fabulous day off + 2 belated reviews with a couple of belated reviews so grab a cuppa get comfy and enjoy............I actually slept for 9.5 hrs!!..

Chicken and leek pie by dean edwards on lorraine itv

500g Boned and cubed chicken thighs, 100g 100g smoked pancetta, 2 leeks shredded, 1 clove garlic, crushed, 1 tbs fresh thyme chopped


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