Kleftiko lamb shanks recipes

Lamb kleftiko (braised greek lamb)

..ave. This recipe serves two, but you could easily buy a lamb leg, or shoulder to feed more. Enjoy! Ingredients: ..

Slow cooker recipe : shank of beef

..use Daddy came back from the butcher's with these huge shanks of beef so I decided that slow cooking was the way ..

Madhouse recipe : slow cooker moroccan chicken with olives & preserved lemons

.. Slow-cooker recipe : Indonesian Chicken Slow Cooker Recipe : Greek-Style Lamb, Potato & Thyme Kleftiko

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Kleftiko (greek slow roasted lamb shanks)

2 large onions, 4 lamb shanks, 2 cloves garlic, A few sprigs rosemary,  salt & pepper


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Recipes for kleftiko

Five-hour kleftiko with feta cheese

  .., so instead I bring you what I had for Sunday lunch: Kleftiko, slow-cooked for five hours with feta cheese. Now..

Sunny greek food is the antidote to it lashing it down in may: lamb kleftiko

  ..- Sunny, amazing, azure skied Greece.   I first had kleftiko in a taverna in Falaraki (yes, really...) more yea..

Vegetarian quorn kleftiko

  .. intrigued by a dish that I saw on tv. A greek dish ~ a Lamb Kleftiko, slow cooked lamb in the oven..

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Recipes for lamb

Lamb tagine

  This is the second time I have blogged Lamb Tagine, but as I am hooked on the Hairy Dieters cook book this week a..

Lamb shawarma, or mother’s day lunch

  ..rmined not to let that happen. So, something at home. A lamb shawarma, or an approximation of one, at the very le..

Lamb with roasted red onions and basil (nigellissima)

  ..sil in Nigella’s Nigellissima book.   Nigella suggests lamb to accompany the dish, which I thought was pretty da..

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Recipes for shanks

Lamb shanks braised in red wine - recipe

  ..ooking. Ingredients: for four adults 1 tbsp olive oil 4 lamb shanks 3 carrots peeled and sliced 1 large on..

Lamb shanks with celeriac mash

  ..e of the ingredients that kept lingering in my mind was lamb shank. Good, slowly and lovingly braised lamb..

Lamb shanks with a spicy garam masala sauce

  These lamb shanks are melt in the mouth gorgeous! Don’t rush this one. The lamb is so nice cooked ..

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