Knights castle cake recipes

A knight’s castle birthday cake

.. them, love the parties and most of all love making the cakes.  Cakes for kids are fun, they don’t need to..

Justin and the knights of valour cupcakes

.. the blog and between the two of us we made some cute cupcakes that I am super proud of! I initially designed som..

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Wales true taste food & drink awards 2011: winners revealed

..tell Riwbob Ice Cream Eddie & Jeanne Morgan Capel Dwr, Castle Square, Harlech LL46 2YH 07810 164547 hufenfa@btint..


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Recipes for knights

Florence knight – one

  ..urchasing this book of treats a couple of months back, Knights first publication is my flick-though of choice and..

Florence knight masterclass with finish quantum

  Hello, finally phone and photos are all sorted! What a nightmare, last Wednesday my phone decided to take a swim in a to..

Cooking masterclass: octopus, burrata and tiramisu with florence knight

  ..ecipe has been adapted into many varieties of puddings, cakes and other desserts. Florence Knight: Chef: Beautif..

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Recipes for castle

Review: castle terrace

  ..remises and in July 2010 Dominic became Chef Patron of Castle Terrace where he uses his expertise and passion to ..

Dalmunzie castle, scotland

  ... You do leave the rest of the world behind. Dalmunzie Castle is in a lonely valley; the closest structure, Spita..

Queen of the castle - jubilee bundt cake

  All special occasions deserve a special cake. I did consider doing something tastefully decorated in a red, white..

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Recipes for cake

Carrot cake

   My favourite cake in the world is carrot cake! I think it's because it's different and the cream cheese i..

Fairy cakes a baking essential

  Fairy Cakes a simple but essential recipe for every baker. This humble plain cake can be transforme..

Smartie cakes (cooked in the halogen oven)

  These pretty little cupcakes were cooked this morning in my Sarah-Jane's Halogen Oven using silicone cup cake..

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