Lorraine pascale chocolate cheesecake recipes

Lorraine pascale's chocolate cheesecake

    I saw this recipe on BBC 2 Monday evening last, Lorraine Pascale, Home Cooking Made Easy. It is a no..

Home cooking made easy by lorraine pascale

This one is the second cookbook offering from Lorraine Pascale – Home Cooking Made Easy published by Harpe..

Lime & white chocolate genoise - we should cocoa 7

..lavours. So many choices - should I do lime and dark chocolate tarts, my old favourite cheesecake or ......

Baking made easy

..bit of a liking for baking books! Baking Made Easy by Lorraine Pascal published by Harper Collins 2011. It accomp..

Sinner thursdays - tunnocks teacake brownie bites

..ge of biscuit cushions, I’ve been craving the gooey, chocolatey, marshmallowy wonderfulness of Tunnocks. So, in m..

My new toy and cookies and cream brownies

..equire a mixer; brownies! This is another recipe from Lorraine Pascal's 'Baking made easy' and it is an interesti..

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