Low syn lemon cheesecake recipes

January’s four seasons food ‘virtuous’ whopper round-up!

..spiring not to mention stunningly gorgeous blog Food to Glow. And luckily for me she very kindly agreed to do the..

Meal planning monday - week 6

..kfast Wholemeal toast with a smear of peanut butter - 4 syns though according to my personal trainer, peanut butt..

Delamere dairies goats milk products : a heartfelt review!

..ake. Immediately, almost all my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms upped and disappeared.  I noticed that i..

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L is for... low fat slimmers' lemon cheesecake

L is for.... low fat slimmers' lemon cheesecake! I initially decided to make something else for my ..

Meal planning 2013 - week 5

..ds I don't like that I sometimes struggle to stick to syn-free foods and I'm always hungry between meals. So I'm ..


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