Malteser pavlova recipes

Pavlova supreme

4 egg whites, 8oz caster sugar, 400ml Whipping Cream, 1 pack Maltesers,  strawberries halved (or any other fruit you fancy)

Alphabakes roundup for march 2012: m

.. M to make a meringue – in this case, she made a green pavlova with elderflower cream and topped with kiwi. It ma..


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Recipes for malteser

Malteser and chocolate finger cake

  ..n cake was not hard to do!!! I decided to make him a Malteser and Chocolate Finger decorated cake using a chocol..

Malteser and nutella cheesecake

  ..e my Christmas Pudding, I ended up serving a homemade Malteser & Nutella Cheesecake to offer my family on Christm..

Malteser traybake is from Ciaran’s party, hence the lack of styling. Malteser Tray “Bake” Ingredients 100g butter 200g milk choc..

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Recipes for pavlova

Strawberry pavlova

  .. what my favourite pudding was, it would be Strawberry Pavlova every time. It's perfectly summery and really tast..


  .. is a pretty common question, but how do you like your Pavlova is an equally interesting question. Some people li..

Strawberry pavlova

  ..atullahi wa barakatuhu! This recipe is for Strawberry Pavlova. A pavlova is a large meringue base topped ..

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