Mary berry buttercream recipes

Strawberry and vanilla cupcakes with not-too-sweet cooked buttercream make a slightly fancier version, with a stripe of strawberry flavoured, pink sponge running through the middle..

Strawberry milkshake rainbow sponge

..our 3 tsp baking powder 6tsp vanilla extract 6tsp strawberry flavouring 1/2 tsp each of gel food colourings -..

Cranberry & cinnamon swiss roll

..hen I think a generous slathering of white chocolate buttercream would work very well.  If you decide to stick wi..

Anticipating summer - fresh strawberry cupcakes me at 'hellooo ... I'm a beautiful, luscious, red strawberry and I taste divine'. No more, no less. Now I kno..

Lemon cupcakes with raspberry curd filling

Having made my raspberry curd I wanted to make something special with it. My friend Laura returned to work follow..

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Recipe 22 - coffee & walnut sponge cake

..overed the bottom of the tins! Into the oven it went.  Mary said for 35-40 minutes.  I checked after 30 minutes ..

Coffee & walnut loaf - a perfect tea-time cake

..llow up on inspiration gained.  We had even watched the Mary Berry/Paul Hollywood baking masterclass spin-..

Whole lotta lemon - luscious lemon yoghurt cake for the weekly bake off

..the right balance for me of sharp and sweet, and the buttercream icing is to die for. It's definitely one of my f..

How to make: chocolate malteser cake

..alteser cake is for you.  It is a “real showstopper” as Mary Berry would say.  Once you make the chocolate..

Farmhouse orange victoria sandwich for the weekly bake off

..pleased with Amy's selection for this week's Bake Off - Mary Berry's Ultimate Cake Book was the first Baki..

November is happy birthday for tea time treats: salted caramel and chocolate fudge birthday cake recipe

.., tarts, fairy cakes, jam, bread, brioche, pastries, buttercream, parkin, chocolate,  custard, biscuits, cookies,..

Victoria sandwich sponge cake revisited!

..on tea.   To make this British Classic Cake I adapted Mary Berry's Recipe. I used both apricot (dh favo..

Angel food cake - gbbo season 4 begins!

..pressure of the cameras, time deadlines and prospect of Mary & Paul tasting their bakes. Things they have made or..

A fond(ant) trip down memory lane

..e cake, the sugar sweet iced coating, and the creamy buttercream topping. And so, I hope you understand my disapp..

The great bloggers bake off - week 1 round-up

..baker Lianne aka GHD Queen with her luscious looking Strawberry & Vanilla Sandwich. Well done on your first bake ..

Day one on the advent calendar & tea time treats birthday cake round-up

..e, it’s been a veritable frenzy of fondant icing and buttercream! Kate and I would like to say a HUGE BIG FAT tha..

Recipe 131 - bunny rabbit birthday cake (or snowman in this case)

..ates, but I'd just put it together slightly different.  Mary does say in the foreword to the recipe that you coul..

Viennese whirls

..bout the ultimate in decadent chic. So when I saw Mary-Anne on the Great British Bake off make her version of..

Great british bake off, episode one man, Paul Hollywood, and angel delight of a judge, Mary Berry, are back and... well... exactly the sa..

Almond cake pop truffles

.. my marching orders in stone if I had presented them to Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood on the Bake Off. I m..

February tea time treats blogging challenge: the round-up

..Cakes who has sent in her super stylish Champagne and Raspberry Cupcakes. Naturally, a little of the Champagne ma..

Melting moments

..e first GBBO book and was made on the show in 2011 by Mary-Anne Boermans. She called the unusual filling a ‘Depre..


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