Mary berry egg custard tart recipes

Mary berry's lemon meringue pie : the final comic relief challenge

..enges. So far I have posted Chocolate Eclairs, Bakewell Tart, and Custard Slices. The final challenge, fro..

Custard tarts: gbbo week #4

..ottom or top!), must hold it's shape when cut into, and Mary noted that the fruit should not be overcooked as thi..

Strawberry tartlets with breton shorbread crust and a cook book review

Tartelettes aux fraises sable breton from The French Market Cookbook by Clotilde Dusoulier Clotilde Dusoul..

Rose & raspberry eclairs: gbbo week #7

..llenge! Image Source The technical challenge was a Mary Berry recipe - Holy Choux's. Also known as li..

Ruby red strawberry crumble - mouthwatering vegan review

..ell laid out and would be extremely useful for anyone starting out as a vegan. Breakfast, Juices and Smoothies i..

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Chocolate eclairs : gbbo technical challenge

..elf was to use the recipe from the show (either Paul or Mary's) and follow it to the letter, rather than falling ..

November is happy birthday for tea time treats: salted caramel and chocolate fudge birthday cake recipe

..ONE whole year has flown by in a flurry of cakes, pies, tarts, fairy cakes, jam, bread, brioche, pastries, butter..

Chocolate fondants: gbbo week #6

..getting serious now and little mistakes like this are starting to affect the contestants. The reality is mistakes..

Great british bake off, episode 4

Mary Berry's Crème Caramel What's that you say? A whole Great British Bake Off episode deliciously dedica..

Upside down cake favourite in the bakery, mixed with a bit of fresh rosemary. pear and rosemary? its amazing. note on r..

Freeze and bake buttermilk biscuits for #sundaysupper

..e been mulling over what I am most thankful for.  So I started writing this post with a very long list of blessin..

Wholemeal ginger traybake

..ant cake. Not oaty cake or fruity cake. Not biscuits or tarts. CAKE. This is a recipe for one of those days. I’m ..

Pinnies and petticoats is one. party time.

..d Parmesan along with spinach, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Mary & Paul would however be shocked as I used frozen pas..

"zombie brain" charlotte royale: gbbo week #9

..and look amazing!   Screencapped from BBC iPlayer Mary warned that so much can go wrong when making canapes..

Me and the sportsman in seasalter, kent

..ood by serving it without the frills and fuss. From the start, he focused on using local, seasonal ingredients – ..

Pork burgers with herby wedges (the potato ones)

..uple of jobs to do in the village before coming home to start tea, and then head back out for the boys. The boys ..

We should cocoa - the random recipe round-up suited me fine. He says though, that eaten hot with custard, this would make a great pudding. After first g..

Damson flan

..est, wonderfully sweet, yet has the kind of plum-like tartness.  It's quite temperamental in that according to o..

Petit fours: gbbo week #3

..t challenge was to make a trifle, and in typical style, Mary and Paul had a lot more in mind than some instant je..

January tea time treats round up

..nie and I’m a blog junkie! * Tea Time Treats Round Up ~ Eggs, Eggs, Eggs! Here’s a run down of what..

Festive apple dumplings with a spiced creme anglaise

..f the best of the female cook's here in the UK, next to Mary Berry.  You can trust her recipes 100%! ..

Queen of puddings

The third series of Downton Abbey started last week in the states, and it’s become an absolute hit over here. I ..


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