Mary berry madeira cake recipes

Madeira style cake

Sometimes I really fancy a nice piece of cake. I know they are full of calories and fat, and making cakes ..

Marshmallow rescue me fridge cake

You see this should have been a Bundt cake , I knew I should have follow The Boy and Me's recipe . My Mary..

The busy girl's guide to cake decorating by ruth clemens

..y obsessed. It fascinates me for two reasons: There is cake. Lots of cake.  They are normal people like m..

Some tasty casseroles and a few vegetarian options for christmas day

..d red wine, homemade chicken stock, jus, bay leaves & rosemary. This was hand's down my favourite. We loved thi..

Chocolate-smeared cheeks

..ent thing at that. Chocolate! Chocolate eggs, chocolate cakes, chocolate shredded wheat nests and, possibly best ..

Me and the sportsman in seasalter, kent

.. and salt. Not only are the three breads home-made – rosemary and red onion foccacia, sourdough and malted soda ..

The best out of town restaurants in nottingham

.. with simple yet flavourful dishes such as Thai style fishcake on a crunchy aromatic salad of carrot and coriande..

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These little celtic cross cakes were made using this mould by Inese. Pretty - aren't they ? Inese also made thes..


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