Mint cracknel recipes

Peppermint cracknel and coconut chocolate

..), I thought my method was easier. Added one drop of peppermint oil. Poured this onto a piece of baking parchment..


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Recipes for mint

Mint aero traybake

  ..mad recipe from last time and swapped the Maltesers for Mint Aero Bubbles (another one of my vices!) It worked..

Mint chocolate aero balls & kit kat overload layer cake

  ..chocolate bars he likes and eventually he came up with 'mint'! Perfect! Chocolate & mint is one of my all ..

Mint chocolate cupcakes

  ..ions tonight, and they were so delicious! Chocolate and mint is always the perfect match, and with a mint ..

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Recipes for cracknel

Hazelnut fondant pudding with caramel sauce and nut cracknel

  100 g toasted hazelnuts, lightly crushed, 210 g caster sugar, 125 ml water, 1 tsp cocoa powder, for dusting out the moulds, 125 g unsalted butter

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