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Girdlebuster Pie Time for a bit more Nigella Christmas. Now that the shops area bit more Christmassy..


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Recipes for nigella

Nigella's florentines and spiced hot chocolate

  The theme for this month's Forever Nigella hosted by Maison Cupcake was Italian. All I could think of was a choco..

Nigella's sweet and salty crunch nut bars

    This is my favourite Christmas treat, so much so that I've quit buying tins of sweets. I make alarmingly large..

Nigella's olive oil and almond chocolate cake (gf)

  I got Nigellissima earlier in the week (think I might have already mentioned that...) and saw this in it as I was idly f..

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Recipes for lawson

Nigella lawson's crab linguine with chilli and lemon.

  ..invented this recipe but alas it another of the lovely nigella's.  with my fave combo ingredients of garlic, lem..

Nigella lawson's totally chocolate chocolate chip cookies

  .. for you. Just so you know, I took this recipe from my Nigella Express cookbook. Ingredients 125g/4oz dark choco..

Nigella lawson's bacon brownies

  ..xcited as I was looking for an excuse to try out a new Nigella Lawson recipe - for bacon brownies. She rec..

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Recipes for mini

Mini oreo cheesecakes, slimming world style

  For anyone watching their weight in January but still wanting to indulge in a dessert, these Oreo cheesecakes are relati..

Mini lemon drizzle loaf cakes............................

  ..s mix will make one large loaf cake size 23x13 cm or 10 mini loaf cakes) 320g caster sugar 3 medium free range e..

Mini christmas cakes shopping, this might look like a lot of work for a Christmas present, but believe me this is a gallant effort ..

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Recipes for christmas

Christmas trifle with panettone, easy and delicious

  What you need for a medium bowl: 1 panettone 500 grams of berries (frozen or fresh) 275 grams of caster sugar 6 tablespoons Marsala 250 ml of mascarpone cheese 500 of custard cream 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract 500 ml of fresh cream - See more at:

Christmas flapjacks

  .. I was watching Nigel Slater on telly, he was doing a Christmas special and in it he did flapjacks which inspired..

Spiced christmas fruit cupcakes [repost]

  ..his time from Tesco and by cook Mary Berry for Spiced Christmas Cupcakes. I've also provided the ingredients list..

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Recipes for puddings

Yorkshire pudding

  You simply can't have Roast Beef without Yorkshire Puddings, this is a fool proof recipe to ensure perfect risen ..

Suet pudding

  .. suet puddings from childhood, in fact, crumble and suet puddings are probably the only puddings I ..

Rice pudding, but not as we know it. payasam (indian rice pudding)

      If I were that bothered to look back at what I suppose would now constitute an 'archive' of recipes on Lola and Fi..

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