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Orzo risotto

1 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp butter 250g orzo pasta ½ chicken stock cube 625ml boiling water 75g bacon lardon..


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Recipes for nigellissima

Lamb with roasted red onions and basil (nigellissima)

  .. spent the next half an hour searching through various recipe books for something that would hit the spot. I came..

10 ways with mashed potato

  .. all over the plate like a ripe cheese.' The next mash recipe he gives is seasoned with parsley and mustard, with..

Italian traybake

  ..r recipe from the 'Nigellissima' cookbook. I guess it's called an Italian traybake because the recipe..

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Recipes for orzo

Speedy orzo chicken and pesto salad

  .. been left out of the party. I've been mildly aware of orzo pasta for a while now. I've seen the dinky little pa..

Orzo salad with roasted pepper, parsley, orange and pine nuts that cute mini flower pasta most of the time because orzo can sometimes be hard to find. Great served along si..

Orzo with broccoli and olives

  ..for extra crunch.  Although I used green olives in this orzo pasta salad, I think black olives would work well to..

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Recipes for lardons

Broad bean and bacon lardons recipe- sweet, sticky and salty I have had the pleasure of trying out some new recipes with their fresh produce.  Broad beans are in abun..

Pheasant, lentils and lardons I would recommend – You can buy it on Amazon. This recipe came about last week, when I was playing around wit..

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Recipes for recipe

Recipe 22 - coffee & walnut sponge cake

  ..ey made with their baking powder, I must have read the recipe about a dozen times to make sure I had got the righ..

Recipe 134 - austrian apricot & almond tart through Mary's Bible for quite a few days and this recipe I noted needed marzipan and I knew I had some left ..

Recipe 40 - pineapple & cherry loaf

  .. @Weekly Bake Off - the concept of this is to bake one recipe from Mary Berry's 100 Cakes and Bakes each week.  L..

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