Nigellissima roast lamb recipes

Lamb with roasted red onions and basil (nigellissima) that would hit the spot. I came across a recipe for roasted red onions with basil in Nigella’s Nigellissima..

10 ways with mashed potato

..ou can flavour your mash, should you get the urge:  Roasted Garlic  Place a whole head of garlic on a baking t..


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Recipes for nigellissima

Orzo risotto

  ..recipe is based on the Nigella Lawson recipe in her Nigellissima book (featured on the TV series). I first though..

Italian traybake

  ..under 10 minutes.  This is another recipe from the 'Nigellissima' cookbook. I guess it's called an Italian trayba..

Simple and in season: december and january round-up

  ..our adds a special character to the creamy sauce…LUSH! Roast Root Veg Fritatta with cauli & chorizo by Sally fro..

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Recipes for roast

Roast turkey crown with lemon and thyme

  ..key in foil and leave to rest for 10 to 15 minutes. Serve with roast potatoes, peas and carrots. Post Views :16

Roasted duck crown and potatoes

  .. I wanted something a bit different. Lo and behold, the roast duck crown. It's pretty simple, get your duck crow..

Honey roast pork belly strips with anise

  ..later used ribs for this brilliant recipe of his, Honey Roast Ribs with Star Anise.  But I didn't have any and wa..

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Recipes for lamb

Lamb tagine

  This is the second time I have blogged Lamb Tagine, but as I am hooked on the Hairy Dieters cook book this week a..

Lamb shawarma, or mother’s day lunch

  ..rmined not to let that happen. So, something at home. A lamb shawarma, or an approximation of one, at the very le..

Lamb kleftiko (braised greek lamb) could easily buy a lamb leg, or shoulder to feed more. Enjoy! Ingredients: 2 Lamb shanks Handful fr..

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