Not a tart - a jamie inspired cheese and bacon quiche recipes

Not a tart - a jamie inspired cheese and bacon quiche

.. here and now that I don't know the difference between quiche and a tart, and I don't care massively, thou..


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Recipes for tart

Custard tarts: gbbo week #4

  ..BC iPlayer This week's technical challenge was Custard Tarts, from a Paul Hollywood recipe. The requirements wer..

Tarted up

  .. something that demonstrates a bit of skill. The word ‘tart’ comes to mind. Roast red pepper, spinach and goats..

Manchester tart

  .. my school days and that British classic the Manchester Tart.  The tart made regular appearances in the 19..

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Recipes for jamie

Jamie's 30 minute meals - vegetable rogan josh curry

  I watched Jamie Oliver make this delicious curry on his television show last week and he made it look very easy a..

Jamie oliver's spiced slow-cooked lamb shanks

  This recipe from Jamie Oliver's The Naked Chef was the first meal the OH cooked for me when we started cou..

Jamie oliver's minced beef wellington - my version thereof!

  ..nce all the excitement of the photograph being shown to Jamie on Zoe Ball's programme on BBC Radio 2 today, I tho..

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Recipes for inspired

Be inspired by rick stein’s india

  .. uncovered for 30 minutes, adding a little water if it starts to stick, until  the chicken is cooked through and ..

Mexican-inspired macaroni cheese thing from my American friends, it's that macaroni cheese can have a near-infinite number of variations. I'm ..

Inspired by lola and something in the bakery window: magnolia flower bouquet cake

  The fact of the matter is that I am not great at decorating cakes. I love (and am very envious of) those who are able to..

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Recipes for cheese

Cheese scones

    Cheese Scones Making Scones It seems the more practice I get at making scones, the better they turn out. There ..

Macaroni cheese with a crispy top.

  Saturday evenings we often had Macaroni cheese for supper when I was growing up. My Mum usually added tomatoes an..

Cheese straws — add a “special touch” to salads!

      Cheese Straws are kind of like a homemade version of Cheese-it® Crackers without the preservatives. Gr..

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Recipes for bacon

Bacon roly poly so was pleased to find a savoury dish in the form of Bacon Roly Poly. In the original recipe the onions and [b..

Bacon wrapped chicken with goat’s cheese and basil served with mixed pepper tomato salsa

  Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Goat’s Cheese and Basil served with Mixed Pepper Tomato Salsa Bacon Wra..

Bacon and blue cheese muffins - perfect for sunday brunch lucky and are having a lazy day during the week. The bacon and blue cheese gives that lovely savoury ta..

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Recipes for quiche

Quiche lorraine from a passion for baking

  I love Quiche Lorraine, it was one of the first things I learnt to bake and I probably make a quiche once ..

Crustless quiche...

  I love a nice quiche. But sometimes I just don't have enough time/strenght/patience to make pastry. This quich..

Crustless quiche recipe

  ..   Ingredients: 3 eggs 150g fat free natural cottage cheese and any of the following veg or whatever you have ..

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