Pancakes, limes, baking and beetroot - oh, that ll be a menu plan then recipes

Pancakes, limes, baking and beetroot - oh, that'll be a menu plan then!

First of all, how did we do with last week's menu plan then? Erm, well, not so well..


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Recipes for pancakes

Scottish pancakes (drop scones)

  These are REAL pancakes!  Real SCOTTISH pancakes!  Otherwise known as 'Drop Scones' - another old family..


  ..of things to do with pancakes. Whether sweet or savoury Pancakes are good food all year round and t..

Buttermilk pancakes & bacon cornmeal softies

  Buttermilk Pancakes I have made many drop scones or Scots pancakes, but never their American cousins the ..

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Recipes for limes

Key lime pie - easy and refreshing!

  ..ould a girl want! I found this recipe in Mary Berry's Baking Bible. It really is a bible, there are so ma..

Lime & coconut cake is a good reason for this: my sister is the taker, collector and keeper of loaf tins! She will of cours..

Lime drizzle cake with blueberries

  ..rants and blueberries are better than strawberries. The smell of the lime took me back to Thailand so I might mak..

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Recipes for baking

Baking made easy

  ..this book, as you know me I have a bit of a liking for baking books! Baking Made Easy by Lorraine Pascal p..

Baking with suzy: love heart jam biscuit baking kit

  Are you baking-mad and follow all the baking shows with great interest? Then you must know w..

Autumnal baking challenge and giveaway: the round-up and winner!

  Wow-zaa! I was absolutely thrilled to see the entries for the Autumnal Baking Challenge pouring in..

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Recipes for beetroot

Roasted beetroot soup with curry spices and coconut

  beetroot rasam In trying to overcome my childhood trauma of my father’s favourite sandwich (pickled beetroot..

Spiced beetroot & orange chutney made another and used up the last of my home grown beetroot. A batch is fairly large and makes 8 x 8oz jars -..

Beetroot and goat's cheese salad

  It's happened again. My kitchen  has a dribble of beetroot here and a spot of beetroot there. It does not ..

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Recipes for oh

Oh. my. word. i love you more than i did yesterday - chorizo and chickpea stew

  .. knowing that you have the day or the day after's meal totally sorted without so much as a second thought. Which..

Oh my sweet cherry pie, an apology and an announcement!

  ..and spending a week in Leeds to meet my adorable nephew Ellis (who was born 15 days late...but arrived on the day..

Oh're so mean!

  ..ket after work and had to pretend that the discounted Halloween chocolate ‘did.not.exist’..when my inner child is..

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Recipes for ll

Herby glamorgan sausages

  ..gan sausages, using the left over cheeses instead of Caerphilly. If you have a food processor, you can make thes..

The great british bake off / how to bake

  ..[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif] [if..

Cottage pie with a twist

  "> Some things in life are just classic. Chanel No5, a well made trench coat, a white shirt, an YSL suit and … ..

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Recipes for menu

Thanksgiving menu ideas

  .. looking for a little inspiration for your Thanksgiving menus (I'll post mine sometime later), you should ..

Easter menu ideas

  ..d Broccoli and GarlicCheddar BiscuitsWhole Wheat RollsEntreesChicken in Parchment PaperCrock-Pot ChickenJust Chic..

Easter menu ideas

  ..sted Broccoli and Garlic Cheddar Biscuits Whole Wheat Rolls Entrees Chicken in Parchment Paper Crock-Pot Chi..

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Recipes for plan

Meal plan: diet food and comfort food – farmhouse chicken & vegetable stew with dumplings recipe

  Meal Plan: Diet Food and Comfort Food – Farmhouse Chicken & Vegetable Stew with Dumplings Meal Plan: - Die..

Meal plan 19/10/13

  By DaisiesandPie UK Here’s the plan for this week - it’s all about the squash! They are so beautiful righ..

Weekend plan

  ..leaves us undecided about food. We're not sure where we will be at any one time after lunch. But, as we are in th..

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