Paul hollywood crumpets recipes

Sourdough crumpets made with my excess starter.

..ough September I happened to come across a recipe for crumpets. I have made crumpets previously using conv..

Old blue eyes hollywood

..ixer, I’ve decided to work through a good proportion of Paul Hollywood’s – How to Bake at a speed of, on a..

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A bit of crumpet

..ct platform for the butter to take centre stage?  Why crumpets, of course. Crumpets Makes about 20 This..

White chocolate and raspberry cupcakes - we should cocoa 1 so insensed after the cake making round when Paul Hollywood gave the thumbs down to the pink raspberry ..


450 g plain flour, 1 tsp caster sugar, 1 packets yeast, fast-action, 350 ml skimmed milk, 350 ml mineral water

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