Paul hollywood spelt bread recipes

Plaited spelt milk loaf

Regular followers will know bread is not my baking strong point. I decided to give a milk loaf a go as I have con..

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Seasonal clementine and cinnamon malt loaf - (adapted from a paul hollywood recipe)

..t better is there to do than spend the afternoon making bread ! I've adapted an original Paul Hollyw..

Easy cheesy chilli cob

.. morning and I just had the urge to make some flavoured bread to go with the soup we were going to have for dinne..

Your favourites and mine 2013 this Rye and Spelt Bread and my review of Paul Hollywood's book 'Bread'  My fa..

Paul hollywood's bread - a review

Paul Hollywood’s Bread:  How to make great breads into even greater meals    ..

My first sourdough



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