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..here; coq au vin with white whine; chicken chow mein; escalopes with a parsley and parmesan coating served with s..

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Pork escalopes with olive oil potatoes

Pork escalopes with olive oil potatoes By eatingcoventgarden July 19, 2013 Olive Oil peppers pork potatoes re..

Meal planning mondays - week 1

..ng onions). Dinner- Pasta with tomato sauce from a jar (quick and easy!). I have a Weightwatchers pasta sauce at ..

Meal planning mondays - week 2

..se up the Tesco Hunter's Chicken sauce and the turkey escalopes I bought and didn't cook last week. As I said las..


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Quick soda bread - nigel's lazy loaf

  ...  Using the cast iron casserole did make the loaf cook quick - 25 minutes and it's done! One thing's for sure, ..

The quickest easiest tastiest prawn dish

  I call my blog Taste Explosions because in cooking I am always looking to find just that.  The taste explosion is when y..

Quick tiramisu

    This is quick to make and it's a non-alcoholic version of the traditional tiramisu, I like this recipe because..

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Recipes for lamb

Lamb tagine

  This is the second time I have blogged Lamb Tagine, but as I am hooked on the Hairy Dieters cook book this week a..

Lamb shawarma, or mother’s day lunch

  ..rmined not to let that happen. So, something at home. A lamb shawarma, or an approximation of one, at the very le..

Lamb with roasted red onions and basil (nigellissima)

  ..sil in Nigella’s Nigellissima book.   Nigella suggests lamb to accompany the dish, which I thought was pretty da..

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Recipes for escalopes

Turkey escalopes stuffed with spinach and cream cheese

  I’ve wanted to stuff some meat for a long time! Escalopes are the perfect medium for that, and you can easily use..

Turkey escalopes with squash & rosemary topping

  This is an Autumnal healthy and fairly quick mid-week supper. Turkey meat often has the reputation of being bland..

Turkey escalopes with sage butter

  ..ge in her garden too.  Ingredients Serves 2 2 turkey escalopes 4 tbspns plain flour 1 large  egg 8 tbspns of dri..

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