Quorn cobbler recipes

Veggie sausage casserole cobbler

..ish of home-made goodness... veggie sausage casserole cobbler it dawns on me that in my 25 odd years of cooking ..

Roasted rainbow cous cous

..use it sounded boring.  "Chicken Pie," (yawn)  or "Veg Cobbler," (Boring)  A recipe should capture someones imagi..


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Recipes for quorn

Quorn sausage and cider casserole

  Image © Onykahonie This is a recipe that I've adapted from an old pork recipe that my mum used to cook...originally from..

Minced quorn with spicy rice (vegetarian keema matar pilau)

  ..my vegetarian version of  keema matar pilau, made using Quorn or veggie mince. It's a really quick, cheap and sim..

Creamy quorn chicken style pieces curry

  ..tart getting shocked and upset – let me assure you that Quorn (Brand name) products are vegetarian.  They are ver..

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Recipes for cobbler

Beef cobbler with herbed scone crust

  I love beef cobbler it’s a great meal for the cold weather and it is easy to prepare.  I’m not even sure that thi..

Vegetable cobbler

  Vegetable Cobbler Ein köstlicher wärmender Auflauf voll mit frischem Gemüse und einem leckeren knusprigen Käse S..

Cherry cobbler

  ..cy cherries so I baked a lovely, tasty cobbler. And I combined cobbler with vintage chair. And I have had ..

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