Quorn mince hotpot recipes

Vegetarian mince hot pot

..arm... oh I give up! ... a nice hot pot of vegetables, mince and potatoes should warm things up a bit... vegeta..

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Madhouse midweek mince hotpot recipe

..them in a little olive oil. Add a packet of beef mince (or quorn mince or whatever leftover ..


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Recipes for quorn

Quorn sausage and cider casserole

  Image © Onykahonie This is a recipe that I've adapted from an old pork recipe that my mum used to cook...originally from..

Minced quorn with spicy rice (vegetarian keema matar pilau)

  ..my vegetarian version of  keema matar pilau, made using Quorn or veggie mince. It's a really quick, cheap ..

Creamy quorn chicken style pieces curry

  ..tart getting shocked and upset – let me assure you that Quorn (Brand name) products are vegetarian.  They are ver..

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Recipes for mince

Making mince pies with lola - two recipes: rich shortcrust mince pies and rose mince pies.

  .. prepare and cook it. I always (wrongly maybe) think of mince pies as an adult taste, with the rich pastry and th..

Minced lamb hot pot

  ..uperValu with Kevin Dundon Serves 4 Ingredients 555g Minced lamb 1/2 Onion 2 1 Carrots 1 Celery stick 1/2 Leek ..

Mince and dumplings recipe

  Comforting Mince and Dumplings   It’s a blustery day in Cumbria not quite cold yet but with a definate feel and..

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Recipes for hotpot

Lancashire hotpot - recipe

  ..bit of a tradition in these 'northern' parts to make a hotpot on New Years Eve for supper...why I'm not sure but ..

Lancashire hotpot

  ..fusion as to what constitutes a traditional Lancashire Hotpot. After days of research, it has grown clear that la..

Lancashire hotpot

  Tweet Its Snowing!This was one of the first dishes I ever learned how to cook when I was a kid. My mother used to make ..

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