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Khoya/ kheer malpua on poush sankranti: eggless sweet pancake

Malpua is another popular dessert apart of Patishapta and Gokul Pithe of of Poush Parbon or Poush Sankranti Poush..

Bengali patishapta recipe: enrichment of poush parbon/makar shankrati

..ch of Pithe-Puli recipes like Patishapta, Gokul Pithe, Malpua, Kolar Bora or Nolen Gurer Payesh to celebrate Maka..


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Recipes for rabri

Angoori rabri: subho bijoya er mishti mukh

  ..ate something from local sweet shop and I chose Angoori Rabri for my Bijoya Dashami celebration. Angoori ..

{guest post} - jalebi with vanilla flavored rabri from jehanne, the cooking doctor

  ..li of The Cooking Doctor, Jalebi with Vanilla Flavoured Rabri, I  know you started drooling over by just reading ..

Best recipes of the year 2013

  .. can serve it with Nolen Gur or dry fruits or even rich Rabri. Recipe: http://www.scratchingcanvas.com/2013/01..

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Recipes for malpua

Durga pujor bhuribhoj: bengali festival food menu roundup

  ..de/ Sweet Boondi Bengali Style Dorbesh/ Boondi Laddu Malpua Semui/ Semai Payesh Sujir Halua with Coffee & Cho..

Spicy indian savory egg pancake

  ..an identify them easily with names like Dosa, Uttapam, Malpua, Pooda, Pitha etc. In India pancake ingredients are..

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