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Recipe 22 - coffee & walnut sponge cake

..ey made with their baking powder, I must have read the recipe about a dozen times to make sure I had got the righ..

Recipe 134 - austrian apricot & almond tart through Mary's Bible for quite a few days and this recipe I noted needed marzipan and I knew I had some left ..

Recipe 40 - pineapple & cherry loaf

.. @Weekly Bake Off - the concept of this is to bake one recipe from Mary Berry's 100 Cakes and Bakes each week.  L..

Recipe - kapitan chicken curry

..hes and one name will encompass any range of different recipes as dishes usually go by the name of the main prote..

Recipes: fabulous festive fish! little smoked salmon cucumber cups with peppered crème fraiche

Recipes: Fabulous Festive Fish! Little Smoked Salmon Cucumber Cups With Peppered Crème Fraiche Recipes: Fa..

Recipe 64 - bakewell slices

..ell Slices, so instead of flicking through for another recipe, I knew I had all the ingredients needed for this o..

12 recipes of christmas: outrageously orange mince pies

Confession time. I'm not a great fan of mincemeat. It's just a bit too strong for me. Having said that I am a big fan of..

Recipe - salmon en croute

I don't want to brag (OK, I do a little bit) but I've had a string of particularly good cooking experiences. I think tha..

Recipe: crêpes de la chandeleur (candlemas pancakes) for candlemas day

..e la Chandeleur (Candlemas Pancakes) for Candlemas Day Recipe: Crêpes de la Chandeleur (Candlemas Pancakes) for C..

Recipe 18 - rock cakes

..rature down a bit.  Trays greased. Another rubbing in recipe - flour, baking powder and butter added to the bowl..

Recipe: turkey and gammon pie

.. now, but some of you have been asking me to post this recipe so I’ll do it now in readiness for Christmas 2013! ..

Recipe 121 - classic rich christmas cake

..r again!  I knew there were quite a few Christmas Cake recipes in Mary's Bible, it was only the beginning of Dece..

Recipe 92 - coffee & walnut traybake

..y ones left for me to do in the book are quite lengthy recipes and I didn't want to be up half the night finishin..

Random recipes #8 - round up, for which I humbly thank you... and lots of Random Recipes Virgins too... I think one of the biggest issues t..

Recipe: low-calorie moroccan cod parcels for the 5:2 diet and a healthy happy heart

Recipe: Low-Calorie Moroccan Cod Parcels for the 5:2 Diet and a Healthy Happy Heart Recipe: Low-Calorie Mo..

Recipe - carrot and sultana mini loaves

..o did not have enough carrot so added sultana's. This recipe is adapted from a Carrot and Orange recipe i..

Recipe 102 - american cheesecake

30th July 2012 I had intended on making this recipe last week for the competition I enter on Twitter (@weeklybak..

Recipe 63 - sponge christening cake

21st April 2012 Decisions, decisions - it's was my mum's birthday the next day and I had been pondering all week on wha..

Healthy recipes for the 5:2 diet fast days – mushroom stroganoff

..t around your normal life.  I love cooking my 5:2 diet recipes and perhaps because psychologically I don’t feel ‘..

Recipe 24 - white cottage loaf

15th January 2012 I actually started this recipe before the Viennese Fingers, but whilst the bread was proving, ..

Recipe: haggis with whiskey sauce

When I was growing up we celebrated Burn's Night every year with one of our closest family friends who was Scottish.  Th..

Pizza recipe by gino d'acampo for healthy diet

Pizza Recipe by Gino D'Acampo for healthy diet Pizza Recipe by Gino D'Acampo of Lets Do Lunch With Gino an..


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