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Tea time treats for january 2013: the round-up with citrus delights!

..g, so moist and citrussy! 22. Chocolate Orange Brioche Buns by Under the Blue Gum Tree: Beautiful little brioche..

Top ten ways to bake your family happy… use any flavour combinations you fancy. 4. Choux Buns In direct contrast to what the ‘experts’ will tell y..


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Recipes for rock

Rock cakes

    Yummy, Easy To Make Rock Cakes Rock Cakes – Simple Baking Baking cakes can be intricate and time consumi..

Moist rock cake recipe

    This rock cake recipe is my ‘go-to’ when I want cake but haven’t got the energy for anything too complicated. ..

Cherry rock buns

  ..bread . . . jam sandwiches, gingernuts, fruit jellies.  Rock cakes.  It was all so deliciously tempting sounding,..

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Recipes for buns

Belgian buns

  ..n for an iced bun or cream cake?! For some reason, iced buns and Belgian Buns remind me of my childhood an..

Iced buns with a cherry on the top

  ..r in the week I wanted to have some traditional looking buns. As iced buns are usually quite light I opted..

Cinnamon buns

  I haven't made cinnamon buns for a very long time despite being something that I think about often. My love for t..

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Recipes for delia

Delia's classic christmas cake

    I just couldn't be without Delia Smiths Complete Cookery Course book. When I got married first, I could just ab..

Delia's creamy chicken curry

  ..o finish and for it to be edible! I am very grateful to Delia and her Complete Cookery Course, it gave me the con..

Delia smiths paella

  The sun shone the other day, yes really for one day only, and it was warm enough to eat in the garden. Finding chicken t..

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