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Saffron turkey

I love reading about historical recipes. In the era "before children" I could indulge myself by throwing big cost..


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Recipes for tudor

2 april: good friday

  ..Yeast Cookery’ that spiced yeast buns became popular in Tudor times. For a long time their sale was restricted by..

Twelfth night, epiphany and delicious bread! king cake: rosca de reyes (recipe)

  ..ncluding the Twelve Days of Christmas. In mediaeval and Tudor England, the Twelfth Night marked the end of a wint..

Pastry class: creme caramel, tiramisu and lemon syllabub/posset

  ..and sugar based English dessert which has routes in the Tudor period. It can often be called a posset It's often ..

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Recipes for food

Comfort food! 5:2 diet vegetarian cottage pie and a delicious side dish in 10 easy steps

  ..ctor of the food world, you might not be able to put your finger on it but it will make your food delightf..

Angel food cake - gbbo season 4 begins!

  ..idea. Image Source   The technical challenge was Angel Food Cake (which I have made this week!) with a lemon and..

Comfort food: rice noodles with chicken / riževi rezanci s piščancem

  I  l o v e   this!! And this is for me comfort food. In fact, it's not that unhealthy. I could label it as health..

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Recipes for recipes

Recipe 22 - coffee & walnut sponge cake

  12th January 2012 Not a lover of walnuts, so wasn't sure whether or not I would like this cake! Right, first things fi..

Recipe 134 - austrian apricot & almond tart

  ..ought no, I'll have to cheat just this once and get the food processor out.  So out of the cupboard came the f..

Recipe 40 - pineapple & cherry loaf

  .. Looking through this book and her Bible, a lot of the recipes are duplicated, so I decided to bake the recipe su..

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Recipes for kids

Kids can cook - mince & dumplings

  My 12 year old daughter has always shown an interest in cooking (just like her mum), but I feel she is now old enough to..

Novelty kids sandwiches ~ cheese and cucumber flower sandwiches

  Delectable little kids  cheese and cucumber sandwiches made into little flowers. Ingredients: 4 Slic..

Kid goat done in the slow cooker - seco de chivo

  ..e advice. I spent three days or more, looking at goat recipes and trying to avoid making the famed Caribbean Cur..

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