Vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian 5:2 diet recipe: off to a flying start powered by yummy vegetarian aubergine boats : )

..ting bandwagon and started the 5:2 Fast Diet (with a vegetarian slant). I resisted for a while convinced that abs..

Vegetarian 5:2 recipe: a comforting bean chilli after a heavy weekend.

.. all the more necessary when I'm a little tired. Vegetarian 5:2 Recipe: Smokey Bean Chilli (215 calories per ..

Vegetarian stew with potatoes parsnip swede and chestnuts

.. with some mushrooms.  A perfect warming and filling vegetarian meal.  Crusty bread is vital for dipping and mop..

Vegetarian sausage, mushroom and stuffing wellington

..t so bloody easy that I just had to give it a go... vegetarian sausage, mushroom and stuffing wellington i'm usi..

18 vegetarian recipes for christmas, from me to you

.. coriander and parsley pesto. For me, this sums up a vegetarian Christmas in three, simple layers. Vegetarian..

Vegetarian sausage stew

..little room for anything fresh or green... so a nice vegetarian sausage stew was well deserved... Now this is on..

Vegetarian sloppy joes (vegan)

..o after a bit of online research I've come up with a vegetarian/vegan version. This is a great economical and low..

Vegetarian 5:2 fast diet recipe: moroccan spiced butternut squash soup

..t using my newly acquired sack of Ras El Hanout. Vegetarian 5:2 Fast Diet Recipe: Moroccan Spiced Butternut S..

Vegetarian "sausage" rolls for the whole family

I'm not vegetarian but I do like my vegetables and I see no need to have meat in every meal.  There's something g..

A vegetarian christmas dinner ~ chestnut and pecan raised pie

..itley, some of us will be enjoying this lovely, rich vegetarian chestnut and pecan pie. My allotment plot, the Ci..

Homemade vegetarian pizza

 Homemade Veg Pizza Enjoy the delicious recipe for Homemade Veg Pizza. I wanted to post this recipe since the fi..

Vegetarian lasagne for the whole family

My husband proclaims "vegetarian lasagne" a waste of letters (as he sees a normal lasagne as needing no prefix), ..

Vegetarian moussaka-style bake

Moussaka is one of my all time favourites, almost in all of its forms, it's impossible to make it bad :) However, this t..

Vegetarian shepherd’s pie

  Delicious And Low Cost Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie If you are a new vegetari..

Spicy vegetarian kebabs

Ingredients (serves 4-6) 3 tbsp tikka paste 500g/18 oz tub yoghurt 2 tsp cumin seeds thumb-size piece fresh root gin..

Vegetarian spanish rice for babies and toddlers

Well for parents too really.  I had some and liked it; probably needed more seasoning for my taste but I'm trying to get..

Vegetarian sandwiches and packed lunch ideas

..ead Campaign. I've compiled the following ideas for vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, paninis and wraps, in the h..

Vegetarian cottage pie for all of the family

..s without either of us noticing we had no meat. Vegetarian Cottage Pie - Serves 3-4 Ingredients 1 Onion 1 ..

50 vegetarian christmas dinner recipes

.., it can sometimes be a bit tricky to come up with a vegetarian Christmas dinner idea that’s (first and foremost)..

National vegetarian week and greenhalghs

..r pie served with brown sauce This week is National Vegetarian Week  a great celebration of vegetarian fo..

Winter vegetarian meal planner

..thought it was about time I blogged another seasonal vegetarian meal plan and this time I decided to combine some..

Vegetarian beetroot scotch eggs

..d gets excited when I speculate that I may make some vegetarian Scotch eggs.  Well I thought I better not tease h..


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