Venison and haggis wellington recipes

Great british bake off, episode 5

..and this week, they were given three hours to make a Wellington completely covered in pastry and, as specified by..


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Recipes for venison

Amazing venison casserole – perfect for a cold winter day!

  Amazing Venison Casserole – perfect for a cold winter day! Fancy a real luxurious slow cooked casserole treat? Tr..

Roast venison haunch in bacon

  There's a bit of debate about whether marinading venison is necessary or not, but I don't have enough experience ..

Venison sausage casserole with liquorice and bramble jelly gravy

  .. sprinkling of snow just to add a touch of sparkle... venison sausage casserole with liquorice and bramble jelly..

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Recipes for haggis

Haggis bon bons - party food / canapes

  .. of the party food from today with you all. These are Haggis Bon Bons. Haggis is a traditional Scottish d..

Haggis neeps & tatties

  ..nal and some not so traditional.  I'm kicking off with Haggis for my starter. Haggis is sheeps heart, liv..

Recipe: haggis with whiskey sauce

  .. friends who was Scottish.  The thought of what was in Haggis never bothered me, I just wasn't massively keen on ..

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Recipes for wellington

Chicken wellington

  Jamie Oliver has long been a favourite of mine and is the modern day Delia. He has probably done more in getting a young..

Beef wellington with green peppercorn sauce

  If you've never had Beef Wellington, you are absolutely in for a treat!  This amazing recipe is for a beef tender..

Boeuf wellington petits

  ..our Menu Starter of your Choice Main Course Boeuf Wellington Petits Gratin Dauphinoise Steamed Green Vegetab..

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