Wagamama thai green chicken curry recipes

We don't live near wagamama soup

Wagamama is one of those chains that sits happily alongside Pizza Express in making everyone in the family happy...

Restaurant review: wagamama - mill lane, cardiff

This week, I was invited to Wagamama on Cardiff's Mill Lane for an exclusive blogger preview evening ahead of the..

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A meal of thaitanic proportions

.. old Grey's Anatomy episodes. I decided to whip up some Thai food I'd been craving all week, I made Thai ..


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Recipes for wagamama

Wagamama summer arrivals.

  ..pping trip to st albans i had a cheeky bite to eat in wagamama. we though we'd just have a couple of starters and..

Wagamama’s fresh and spicy summer menu

  I love Summer Rolls and was delighted to see them on the new menu – but no vegetarian option! The chef told me they had ..

Wagamama's westfield - a vast improvement

  Let's get something straight. The last meal I had at Wagamama's in Brent Cross was so spectacularly awful in so m..

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Recipes for thai

Thai - rrific: nigel slater's coconut chilli (or chili) chicken

  ..ey are good to go. Meantime I set to work. I do like a curry and so does Phill. And whilst I adore Indian food, ..

Thai-style tuna fishcakes

  Thai-style tuna fishcakesThese little fish cakes explode with the flavours of south east Asia – garlic, galangal,..

Thai salmon parcels

  These are based on a recipe from the Lorraine Pascale cookbook called "tinfoil trout". I couldnt get trout, so I used sa..

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Recipes for green

Green tomato chutney

  ..this recipe in the Autumn of 2006 with my own homegrown green tomatoes.  This time the green tomatoes c..

Green vegetables soup

  .. lycopene, and alpha-lipoic acid aka berries and leafy greens amongst others. The primary mineral in the composit..

Thai green chicken curry with coriander rice

  .. as it keeps in the fridge for 3-4 days and if you like Thai food you won’t get bored of it. Also if you’re a veg..

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Recipes for chicken

Chicken tikka masala

  This is Lorraine Pascale's take on the tasty chicken tikka masala. I saw her make this on her show the other nigh..

Skinny chicken & spinach curry

  ..est tasting curries I've ever eaten. I'm picky about curry--I like the safe options: your tikkas and your kormas..

* chicken cacciatore

  .. I have actually missed cooking (little bit), and this Chicken Cacciatore was the perfect meal to cook on the sto..

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Recipes for curry

Curried parsnip and apple soup and badly behaved females

  ..ack pepper sea salt 1 teaspoon curry powder 1 teaspoon tumeric 1 litre chicken or vegetable stock Gently b..

Curry club - keralan chicken

  I wasn't really a lover of curry due to an unfortunate incident with a pigeon some twenty years ago (contact me d..

Curry fried chicken salad with yogurt dressing

  .. some tropical island) is to have one for dinner! This curry fried chicken salad and yogurt dressing is a..

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