Zebra cake pascale recipes

Lorraine pascale's crouching tiger, hidden zebra cake

I love making cakes that are a bit different but with cakes I always seem to revert back to my old favouri..

Crouching tiger, hidden zebra cake

..ipe, I have been experimenting to create a much lighter zebra cake and equally delicious.  And I think I h..

Mum's chocolate marble birthday cake

..nces, so I promised my mum that I'd make her a birthday cake on Sunday (despite being very tired from the after p..


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Recipes for zebra

Zebra cake (eggless)

  Zebra cake is a combination of vanilla and chocolate cakes and the pattern is got by pouring the ba..

Zebra cake/ crouching tiger cake/ vanilla and chocolate cake

          Zebra Cake is an easy to make cake without any icing or decorations. You can serve it as su..

Zebra biscuits

  ..d the recipe I'd bookmarked ages ago for two-chocolate zebras, but couldn't actually remember which book it was i..

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Recipes for cake

Carrot cake

   My favourite cake in the world is carrot cake! I think it's because it's different and the cream cheese i..

Fairy cakes a baking essential

  Fairy Cakes a simple but essential recipe for every baker. This humble plain cake can be transforme..

Smartie cakes (cooked in the halogen oven)

  These pretty little cupcakes were cooked this morning in my Sarah-Jane's Halogen Oven using silicone cup cake..

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Recipes for pascale

Lorraine pascale's last minute mince pies

  .. then this a post you might enjoy. I watched  Lorraine Pascale make these rather special star mince pies on her L..

Lorraine pascale's chocolate cheesecake

  ..saw this recipe on BBC 2 Monday evening last, Lorraine Pascale, Home Cooking Made Easy. It is a no cook recipe th..

Lorraine pascale's oven baked scotch eggs

  This was hard to resist when Lorraine Pascale made these recently on her cookery show. I've never tasted scotch e..

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