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Pasta pesto rosso

This recipe is based on the strozzapreti pesto rosso dish from Zizi's. Its a lovely creamy dish that goes ..


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Recipes for zizi

50 vegetarian christmas dinner recipes

  ..and they often contain recipes for things like tomatoey pasta – which is delicious and all, but who wants tomatoe..

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Recipes for pasta

Pasta with a spicy sausage sauce

  ..g chopped tomatoes salt and pepper Olive oil 500g dried pasta Method Trim the spring onions, carrot and celery...

Simple pasta bolognese

  Ingredients (serves 5) 500g/17.6oz lean steak mince garlic clove crushed 2 beef oxo cubes 1 pepper chopped 1 onion ..

Pasta with green beans and serrano ham

  ..so I needed something light, and I can rarely find Orzo pasta. But what I have found recently in a Spanish superm..

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Recipes for rosso

Terrine di radicchio rosso, speck e anacardi

  ..gime di versatilità. Due ingredienti IGP, il radicchio rosso di Treviso e lo Speck dell’Alto Adige, gli conferis..

Spalla d’agnello con olive nere e salsa di cipolla e vino rosso (lamb shoulder with black olives and onion & red wine sauce)

  Very easy to prepare and perfect for a last minute dinner, this genuine and down-to-Earth dish will certainly delight me..

Restaurant review: rosso revisited

  You may remember Charlie and I visiting Rosso back in July. We had a fabulous time and were full of praise for th..

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