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Cardamom, rosewater and coffee spring celebration layer cake

..ees are busily buzzing from flower to flower collecting sweet nectar. There’s even the faintest hint of roses in..


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Cookery book review : the new artisan bread in five minutes a day - jeff herzberg, m.d. & zoë françois

  .. on the table every day. Based on fan feedback, Jeff and Zoe have added a gluten-free chapter, answers to readers..

Inspirational bloggers: kellie from le zoe musings

  ..ational Bloggers, I would like to present Kellie from Le Zoe Musings today. Her blog was actually one of the firs..

* chicken cacciatore

  ..in the river Tamar with Isla Joy (oldest niece), admired Zoe Valletta's (youngest niece) sun glasses and her amaz..

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Clarks new honey - honey monster biscuits

  Clarks the Honey and Maple syrup people have just launched a new clear honey and I have been sent a jar to have s..

Claire clark's shortbread with rose flavoured sugar

  This shortbread recipe from Claire Clark's Indulge - 100 Perfect Desserts has been on my to do list for a while n..

Honey-nut oat clusters, and a review of clarks honey

  .. a selection of Maple Syrups and Honeys to review from Clarks. I have already reviewed the Maple Syrups along wit..

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Recipes for sweet

Sweet & sour pork balls

  I am really enjoying Lorraine Pascale's TV show, Fast, Fresh & Easy Food. I want to try everything! After watching it th..

Sweet trees

  Edible chocolate covered sweet trees. Non edible item required: 7 cm polystyrene ball Small flower pot or t..

Nigella's sweet and salty crunch nut bars

  ..istmas treat, so much so that I've quit buying tins of sweets. I make alarmingly large batches of this and chop i..

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